Our Products


We offer a wide range of wheat. Our product is highly recognized among customers for its hygienic nature, purity and high quality.

Wheat flour

We sell and distribute high quality flour and first quality packed in sacks and in bulk by using the cistern, used for breads and pastries.

Corn Germ Oil

Our company provides corn germ oil, which is a oil containing natural Omega-6 essential oil, naturally present in corn germ. We offer this oil in PET.


One of the important products for human consumption is the natural sweetenproduct - sugar, an important source of energy that the human body consumes as a food product. Medium sized crystals, free-flowing, white-coloured. Sugar is sweet and has no foreign smell or taste. Our company offers sugar in different types of PET, in sacks and bulk.

Sunflower oil

We are one of the companies involved in the market that offers a wide range of refined and unrefined sunflower oil. We offer this sunflower oil for our clients in different types of PET and in bulk.


Fine roast strictly soft, natural flavor, pure coffe.

Corpuri intregi

Animale intregi pentru prelucrare

Beef Meat

Top quality fresh beef meat